We offer a bespoke service, but to give you an idea of costs we are able to work within the following budgets:

Hourly Services



Our creativity experts can help you develop your ideas, provide solutions and manage your projects.



What do you need? Our writing team is experienced with scriptwriting, proofreading and editing.



Does your project involve scene-by-scene breakdowns and script preparation? We can help.



Voiceover and animation production can be a painstaking process. Our specialists can help produce your campaign.

Fixed Price Options

We offer three fixed-price options to help you get your projects done quickly, efficiently and affordably. All options provide a complete animation (45-second MP4 at 720p). Please see the options below:


Animation & Voiceover

You bring the idea, script
and need an animation & voiceover.


  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • 2 Main Characters (We select from our library)
  • 2 Supporting Characters
  • Up to 12 Scenes
  • 1 Iteration
  • Script review and revision
  • Voiceover Narration (UK/US)
  • NA
  •  Call now


You bring the idea, script and voiceover
and need an animation.


  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • 2 Characters (We select from our library)
  • 2 Supporting Characters
  • Up to 8 Scenes
  • 1 Iteration
  • Script review and revision
  • NA
  • NA
  • Call now

Animation, Script & Voiceover

You bring the idea and need the script and voiceover.


  • 30-Minute Consultation
  • 2-4 Characters (You select from our library)
  • 2-4 Supporting Characters
  • Up to 15 Scenes
  • 3 Iteration
  • Scriptwriting
  • Voiceover Narration (UK/US)
  • Storyboard
  • Call now

We can also customise a package based on your requirements. Contact us to request a quote.

Bespoke Services

Case Study 1: Maggie
(Idea to Script)

Maggie provides consultancy and training services to top organisations. She’s also a busy professional that understand show GoAnimate works. Maggie came to us because she was struggling with a storyline. She spoke to our brainstorming specialist for a couple hours. Then began working on her project and had trouble with the scripting. Our scriptwriter took two hours to review and revise her script.

Maggie was then able to finish her project and got it all done for under £1500

Case Study 2: Marshall
(Full Project Development)

Marshall is an instructional designer for a national health provider. He needs an animation to support his e-learning project and wants a finished product. He hands off the requirements to one of Project Managers. We develop the concept, storyline, scripting and full animation production. 

The director spent on brainstorming, idea creation, and consultation
The scriptwriter needed 10 hours developing the storyline and final script
The storyboard and preproduction designer required 24 hours
And the animator spent 10 hours putting the project together

Additional Services

Super Charge

Add more of the following to any of the above options:

  • Additional Character (£60 per Character)
  • Additional Scenes (£60 per Scene)
  • Additional Iterations (£60 per Iteration)
  • Choose any 2 for £100

Clients Alterations

Please take the time to review submissions that we provide for your approval. Oversights can be time consuming and costly. However, sometimes these amendments are unavoidable. We can provide revisions that fall outside of the package and pricing formats at £80 per hour.