Our boutique production house is made up of a unique team of creatives.

About us

Animated Scenarios is a collaboration between James Hunt and a creative team of scriptwriters, instructional designers, animators and voiceover artists. Animated Scenarios has evolved from our team’s specialised skills and an industry need for an affordable solution.

Our small team of creatives has streamlined the script, storyboard, and production process by harnessing new technology that allows us to address the specific issues that organisations encounter.

We use applied psychology techniques to produce simple, viewable scenarios quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Please view our additional videos to find out more or, contact us directly.

How we create our animations

Animated scenarios is made up of a team of creatives with specialised skills that, by using the latest technology, have streamlined the animation process and developed a new system for scriptwriting, storyboarding, recording voiceovers, and providing a finished product.

We’re a close-knit group of specialists. We love technology and are always looking for creative solutions. We can start from scratch, or an existing set of ideas, or a finished script. By the way, we love to brainstorm.

So, what are you waiting for? All of our specialists love to chat, email and talk.