Welcome to Animated Scenarios

We produce short video animations that depict everything from everyday behaviour in the workplace to specific scenarios such as conflict resolution, employee training, leadership development, and awareness campaigns to name but a few.

An animated scenario can help address interpersonal issues in an informative yet non-confrontational and entertaining manner.

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Featured Campaign

Animated Scenarios is happy to have had the opportunity to work on the UWE “Emotional Resilience” project that is part of the “Mental Wealth” campaign. We produced several animations that involved peer feedback and student contributions. This is a sample of some of the work that we’ve done.

Our animations depict real-life stories and situations from a second-position perspective. This provides the subject with the opportunity to observe and identify with the conditions being portrayed in a non-confrontational, informative and congenial format.


We create original scripts, proofread existing drafts and customise your message.


We provide a range of voiceovers in a variety of accents.


Choose from a wide variety of characters and backdrops.

We work with you to develop the animation you want quickly, efficiently and affordably.